Spring is here and peoples thoughts are turning to their garden. For those of you with pets, some thought needs to go into what plants you choose and what types of mulch you use.

Lilies are beautiful! And deadly to cats and dogs. there are a great many toxic plants out there I’ve discovered. You can find a complete list a various online sites. I use the ASPCA site. They also have an iphone and ipod touch app. Very handy when you are out shopping.

Cocoa mulch has become very popular with some gardeners. It smells very nice, and looks great. Unfortunately our dogs think it smells very nice too. It can have the same effects on them as chocolate. I was very surprised the manufacturers didn’t put a warning on the bags the 1st time I saw it in a garden shop.
I have read that the attractive smell dissipates in short order, but some dogs would still eat it I’m sure.
Anytime you are not sure about a plant or product, do some research before you buy.

Insecticides and baits are also dangerous to our pets. Please read carefully before you apply. The same goes for fertilizers. Although some fertilizers are labeled child and pet safe after they have been watered in.

All in all, spring is a wonderful time to enjoy your garden with your pets. Let’s just be careful out there,OK?


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