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Responsible Pet Ownership: Surf Dog Ricochet: Changing Lives, One Wave at a Time

Responsible Pet Ownership: Surf Dog Ricochet: Changing Lives, One Wave at a Time

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Choosing a Kennel to Board Your Pet

How do you choose a kennel for your pet? It’s important to be sure that your pet will be well cared for while you’re away, so you won’t feel guilty or stressed about leaving him there. So let’s run down the list of some things to look for.

1. Is the kennel clean and well cared for? Odors and disrepair should set off alarms. It shows a lack of pride in the establishment and lack of care for the animals. Make sure you tour the accommodations. If they don’t want you to see the kennels, Don’t leave your pet with them.

2. Are the kennels roomy enough for the pet’s bedding and food and water? Is the lighting good? Are there views to the outside? It’s very stressful to be shut up all day and night with nothing but the walls to see.We should be past the age of old-fashioned cramped kenneling. Especially if your pet is making a stay of any duration.

3. Do they require proof of vaccinations? Most places now require Bordatella boosters not more than 10 days prior to bording.

4.Make sure they don’t overbook, so that all pets get a good amount of attention. Also overcrowding leads to more stress and noise.

5. How often are they walking the boarders? How long does your pet have to go between walks. Bare minimum is twice a day. Three times a day is better, and four times would be really nice. How much time does your pet get outside of the kennel on their walks each day? They need more than a quick potty break. Find out how many people are staffing the kennels. Just one person can’t possibly give enough attention to every boarder.

6. get recommendations from everyone you can. Your groomer is sincerely attached to their charges and will steer you in the right direction. Friends with pets, and your vet should also be checked with.

7. When you pick up your pet, how does he behave? Of course he’s going to be happy to see you. Does he seem upset or depressed? Fearful, shy? Try to read their body language and make further inquiries if needed.

8. If you can’t find a kennel you trust, there are always pet sitters/house sitters. Ask around and you’ll find something both you and your pet will be happy with.

9. a final note. A lot a vet techs also house sit and would be a good choice if your pet is on medication, as they will watch for any adverse symptoms or medical problems.

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Responsible Pet Ownership: Plants That Can Poison Your Pet

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